Bid! Buy! Experience!

Use our platform in creating your very own magical experiences with your favorite celebrities!
Celebrities can get to know their top fans on a personal level! Lend a helping hand to the community! and make some money, ofcourse!

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Bid to Meet or to Own!

We give celebrities the unique oppurtunity to let fans bid to meet with them, chat with them or own something personal to the celebrity... Get the chance to maybe own a dress worn to the after party of the met gala or do a video chat with Mr. Warren Buffet!

Acquire those moments!

Scared to loose a bid? That's ok! Celebrities can offer a limited number of different experiences at a fixed price. They can also offer their favourite items to their fans at a price ... Like five fans can buy a video call with their favourite footballer for some tips or VIP tickets to a concert!

Bid to Help! Acquire and Support!

Celebrities may offer a portion of their earnings to a charity of their choice. We believe in having dreams that can also empower!

About the Team

The founders are a unique blend of a lawyer who is an absolute movie buff and a savvy tech geek who has watched a total of 10 movies in his life time! Together they merge the crazy love that the fans have for their celebrities with practical ways of making those amazing moments come to life through MYC

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